Start Again


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Once again I would like to come back among my friends … a long time ago I was here because I have a couple of projects in which I allowed more time than I would …
a long time ago I was here and I miss you all, read the thoughts and the community that surrounded me and my writings
If you let everything will start again, try to be near and help me escape from the routine that I shall kill me

prejudice and reality … (daily prompt)


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  • It is a part of daily prompt series 
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about each person can have  own prejudices but real life conversation makes you wonder – if your life would be different …

me and my mental disorder surrounded by superstition and silly prejudices, and actively participate in various campaigns for  breaking stereotypes.

But to try to gain information about the person more, talk to him, because of his life’s  history.

so that myself surrounded by superstition and prejudice in my life, I try never to judge others. I know it because it is very hard  to live then you are judged by others.

Frame of Mind – Psychedelic me (Daily Prompt)



It’s a part of daily prompt series

Today I realized that my madness and strangeness is my weapon of defense against the routine … and this is my creative key …

My current world is full of fear and misunderstanding … but I do not know what exactly it is my picture should depict…

Perhaps it would be a burst of paint which has no shape and form, it is just a lot of layers and brushstrokes … my world is colored in bright colors …

maybe my world would be a shapeless mess, like how I feel and exist now  …