Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Music is important part of everyone and I am not an exception… This prompt is an easy and lazy one 🙂

Let’s begin:

The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”

I was born in 1979 when “Beatlemania” was rise, I jokingly say that I “Rockin” in my mother’s womb then he listen this one… If you have a chance to watch movie same name you understand why this one is my number 1 pick…

Queen “Show Must Go On”

One of my favorite “oldie-goldie” pics are Queen’s “Show…”  This pic is for message that is really inspire me to move and leave everything behind because you live for your Life and Life must go on…

Coldplay “Lost!”

Read my Writing Prompt “First Sight” where I explain my love for this song…