[Quote] Jack Kerouac


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My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.
― Jack Kerouac


Writing Space – Creative Spark (daily prompt)



It’s a part of daily prompt series

I do not have some kind of special writing place … but I have my notebook to write my  daily thoughts …
Inspiration can occur anywhere, and anyone can inspire you – a noisy street, met a man, sleep, talk, everything and everyone can  move you towards writing …

I think that there is no need to shut down and move away, but it requires to live. Best thoughts and life happens here and now…

As it always happens to me

Groundhog Week – Last weekend… (daily prompt)


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It is a part of writing prompts series

I would like to relive again last weekend … I was in Vilnius “Culture Night” where I met my  friends for a long time not seen  … and friends that not seen but are still my  friends …

What would change?
I would like bring with me  a jacket or  what I can to protect myself  from the rain and more comfortable shoes that so painful feet while walking around the city,,,,

But much like anything …
Because last weekend was my wish come true … And it seems that I am ready to live again